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Anastasia Beverly Hills is the name of the make-up brand, which was established in the United States at the end of the 1990s. Today the company, mostly known for its eyebrow cosmetics and accessories, distributes its products across the globe and is considered to be very successful.

Meaning and history

Anastasia Beverly Hills logo

The visual identity of the ABH is elegant and delicate. Composed of a logotype ex-ecuted in black and white, it looks good on all the official documents of the company along with the product packaging and digital advertising.

The logotype is set in two levels — with “Anastasia” in enlarged letters and “Beverly Hills” in the smaller size, placed under the main inscription.

The two parts of the insignia feature two different typefaces. The upper part is exe-cuted in a smooth and sophisticated serif font with the horizontal bars of the first and last letters “A” elongated to the sides and curved.

As for the tagline, it is written in a simple modern sans-serif, pointing on the location the brand was established at.

The brand also uses a curved and very feminine icon, composed of a stylized letter “A” resembling a butterfly with a crown on top. The letter is usually drawn in white and placed inside a solid black circle.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills logo is an example of a timeless visual identity, which will always be actual and will look stylish and feminine on any color and pattern of the background.