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Erborian, blending the essence of Korean herbal science with modern French luxury, crafts innovative skincare solutions. Its offerings, often rooted in natural ingredients, bridge Eastern traditions and Western technologies. Enjoying a presence in numerous countries, Erborian targets discerning consumers valuing high-quality skincare. This synergy melds two worlds, offering customers a unique beauty perspective.

Meaning and history

Erborian, the brainchild of Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globetrotter from France, was born out of a passion to combine the best of Korean traditional medicine and French cosmetic expertise. Founded in 2007, Erborian, meaning “Herbs of the Orient,” began its journey by fusing natural herbs with cutting-edge technologies to craft skincare that resonates with both traditions.

In its initial phase, Erborian gained recognition for its innovative BB cream, which played a pivotal role in introducing Korean beauty rituals to the European market. This pioneering product not only set a trend but also positioned Erborian as a brand that blends the meticulousness of Korean skincare with the luxury of French beauty.

As the brand began to expand its footprint, it caught the attention of many. In 2012, a significant milestone was reached when the L’Occitane Group, renowned for its commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability, acquired Erborian. This acquisition brought together the strengths of both entities: L’Occitane’s global reach and Erborian’s innovative formulations.

Under L’Occitane’s stewardship, Erborian’s production capacity witnessed enhancement, and its commitment to sustainability deepened. The brand continued to innovate, launching products that soon became staples for many, like the CC cream, which further solidified its reputation.

Throughout its journey, from its inception to the present day, Erborian has remained steadfast in its commitment to blending the rich heritage of Korean skincare traditions with the sophistication of French beauty. It’s a brand story that speaks of fusion, innovation, and an enduring commitment to offering the best from both worlds.


Erborian Logo

The logo displays the brand name “erborian” in lowercase letters, rendered in a sophisticated navy blue hue. Adjacent to it is a striking emblem: a red square with scalloped edges, enclosing a stylized white plant, which exudes an Asian-inspired aesthetic. Above the brand name, the phrase “KOREAN SKIN THERAPY” is prominently featured in capitalized, bold, red letters. The entire design combines contemporary typography with traditional motifs, reflecting a fusion of modernity and heritage.