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Holika Holika is a contemporary South Korean beauty brand specializing in skincare and cosmetics. With a flair for vibrant packaging and innovative products, it caters predominantly to a young demographic. The company has expanded its reach globally, marking a significant presence in Asia and gradually penetrating European and North American markets. As of now, it operates under the umbrella of ENPRANI Co., Ltd., a leading cosmetics conglomerate in South Korea. With its unique approach to beauty, Holika Holika continues to capture the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Meaning and history

Holika Holika, established in 2010 in South Korea, quickly became synonymous with the country’s beauty and skincare renaissance. With its whimsical packaging and high-quality products, it carved a niche within the competitive K-beauty industry. Initially, its focus was on the domestic market, but the brand soon realized the potential of expanding overseas.

By the mid-2010s, Holika Holika had set its footprints across Asia, with stores popping up in places like Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. The brand’s international acclaim wasn’t just confined to Asia; it made inroads into the European and North American markets, capitalizing on the global K-beauty trend.

Ownership and management played pivotal roles in its growth trajectory. In its early days, Holika Holika was a subsidiary of the Korean conglomerate ENPRANI Co., Ltd. ENPRANI’s experience in cosmetics and skincare provided Holika Holika with a solid backbone, allowing it to innovate and grow.

Over the years, production saw shifts in response to global demand. The brand adapted its formulations and product lines to cater to international skin types and preferences, never compromising on its commitment to natural ingredients and efficacy.

Challenges, like counterfeit products and market saturation, did arise, but Holika Holika navigated these with aplomb. It adopted a proactive approach, continuously refreshing its product lines and enhancing the authenticity of its offerings.


Holika Holika Logo

The name “HOLIKA HOLIKA” is artistically depicted in bold, capital letters. The typography emphasizes clean, straight lines with a minimalist approach. Notably, the letter “O” stands out due to its circular design, contrasting the sharp angles of other letters. The brand name is repeated twice, stacked vertically, with equal spacing between the two iterations. The entire design resonates with a modern and elegant feel, emphasizing simplicity and clarity.