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Kerastase is a brand of hair care products. Many of them are developed and tested in collaboration with the scientists of L’Oréal Advanced Research.

Meaning and history

The Kerastase logo is simple enough – there is only the text without any pictorial emblems. There are two words, both of them given in a pretty simple sans serif typeface.

Logo Kerastase

The word “Kerastase” is rather large. The elongated, thin glyphs look elegant. The wordmark gives an explicit hint on the French origins of the brand by placing the word “Paris” below the name “Kerastase.”

Font and color

The extremely elegant and minimalist Kerastase logo, composed of three elements, uses a sleek and sophisticated typeface for its uppercase lettering. The font of the inscription is based on one of the following typefaces: Optima Pro Roman, Iwata Souchou NK Pro Medium, or Zapf Humanist 601 Std Roman. The thin bars are a little flared to the ends, which makes the whole logotype look unique.

The black and gray color palette of the Kerastase visual identity is strict and simple, though it looks confident on any background and this color combination is what makes the minimalist badge timeless and sophisticated.