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New look is a British brand of fashion designer and manufacturer, which was founded in 1969 by Tom Singh. It is one of the most popular fashion brands for the young audience in the world, and today it is a part of Brait SA.

Meaning and history

New Look Logo history

1994 – 2001

New Look Logo 1994
The oldest logo in the list is also the only one with an emblem. You can see a teal box housing a white outline of a woman’s face.
The two words of the brand’s name can be seen on both sides. The type is a simple sans with quite narrow and tall letters. They are formed by glyphs of the same thickness.

2001 – 2003

New Look Logo 2001
The emblem has disappeared. The letters are lowercase. The designers have chosen a dark shade of blue, which provides a better contrast making the logo better legible.

2003 – 2012

New Look Logo 2003
This must be the most innovative of all the versions of the New Look logo. The initial “n” is formed by an arc. The final “w” is also an arc turned upside down. Only a pink dot hints at the bars that should stand there to form a proper “W.” The shape of the “E” echoes the “N” and “W” – it seems to combine them in a single glyph.
The word “looks” is set in a simple type, which is necessary so as it doesn’t steal the limelight from the unusual “New.”

2012 – Today

New Look logo

New Look brand philosophy is to give a good quality for a good value. The brand respects its consumers and works on making them happy every day.
The New Look logo is a minimalist and modern wordmark, which is executed in a classic sans-serif font with clean and straight thin lines. The lettering in all-caps look good in black color and on a white background. This monochrome combination makes the logo look elegant and timeless.

Today New Look has its online retailing direction as one of the biggest priorities, and the brand’s logo was redesigned in order to look perfect as an icon on mobile device screens. It is also universal and can be used on different background and packaging.

The New Look logo is an example of design simplicity, which is always a good choice for a progressive and constantly growing company.