American Cancer Society Logo

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American Cancer Society Logo
American Cancer Society is an organization helping in cancer research and elimination. It was established in 1913 and today has its offices all over the country. The Society helped in funding of more than 40 Nobel Laureate researches.

Meaning and history

American Cancer Society Logo history

The American Cancer Society’s visual identity is strong and recognizable. It is composed of a geometrical background with an emblem in its left part and a wordmark in the right one.
The trapezoid of the logo is split into two parts — the vertical rectangle, colored red and featuring an iconic emblem in it, and the bright blue trapezoid, with its left bar sharing with the rectangle.
The wordmark is placed on a blue background and is written in a modern and bold sans-serif typeface. The contrast of white lettering on a bright blue makes the logo stand out and shows the American Cancer Society as a professional and trustworthy organization.
symbol American Cancer Society
The famous Society’s emblem is a “Sword of Hope”, which became the organization’s symbol in 1928 and is still the main part of its visual identity.
The Sword symbolizes a willingness to fight the world’s most terrible disease, as well as the power and energy of the American Cancer Society. The grip of the sword is formed by two twined serpents, which represent the medical nature of the organization.