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While the Ally Financial logo contains nothing but the name of the brand, in fact, there is a deep meaning behind it. This simple wordmark reflects the bank’s core values.

Ally Bank Slogan
  • Do It Right

  • Straightforward

Meaning and history

Ally Financial Logo history

2001 – 2009

Ally Financial Ally Bank Logo 2001
The logo, designed in 2001 was pretty modest and simple. It was an uppercase GMAC lettering in a smooth yet massive serif typeface with rounded angles and slightly softened contours of the letters. The dark blue color of the wordmark was complemented by a thick blur and dark yellow underline, with the yellow part only placed under the last letter “C” and a half of the “A”.

2009 – Today

Ally Financial Ally Bank logo

We should start our story from May 2010, when GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) rebranded itself as Ally Financial. It was not just the new name but a new brand identity with a different message. You can notice it in the television spots comprising Ally’s debut campaign (they were produced by BBH New York). Here, you could see children experiencing problems because of the draconian behavior of regular banks. By contrast, Ally presented itself as your ally in the world of finances. It promised transparency and clarity.

“Straightforward” was the key word used in advertising. If you try to describe the wordmark using a single word, chances are this word will also be “straightforward” (or something similar).


Ally Financial simbol

The brand identity of the bank heavily relies on the Benton Sans font. It has been consistently used across all media, from print and outdoor ads to web to mobile. We should point out, though, that the Ally Financial logo is an exception to this rule and does not use the Benton Sans type. The most obvious difference is that the “y” from the logo does not have the curve on its end like the “y” from Benton Sans does. The wordmark is a custom artwork, which is especially obvious in the case of the “a.”


Ally Financial

The signature plum color is an essential part of the company’s brand identity. It is used not only in the Ally Bank logo but also across its website, advertising, etc.