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Although the logo of Diners Club International (DCI) has been updated at least four times, the “DC” symbol has been present on it, in one form or another, during most of its history.

Diners Club International Slogan
  • Belong.

  • The card is key

  • Travel in good company.

Meaning and history

Diners Club International Logo history

1950 – 1967

Diners Club International Logo 1950

The original Diners Club International logo was a pretty refined one. The handwritten script used for the word “Diner’s” was elegant yet not perfectly legible. The words “the” and “club” featured a simple type, which also had a subtle legibility issue due to its structure.

1967 – 1978

Diners Club International Logo 1967

The design was completely redrawn. The name of the brand was now given in an austere sans serif type inside a white rectangle with blue trim. The rectangle was surrounded by various icons showing the products and services available.

It was on the 1967 logo that the “DC” symbol appeared for the first time. The symbol depicted the two letters in the form of a circle with a vertical bar going through its center.

1985 – 2008

Diners Club International Logo 1978

The “DC” symbol now dominated the design. This time, it was placed inside a dark blue ellipse. It was not at the center of the ellipse but moved to its left side.

The name of the company could be seen below. The type was somewhat reminiscent of a handwritten script, although the letters did not look casual and were legible enough.

2008 – 2015

Diners Club International Logo 2008

The ellipse grew somewhat shorter in comparison with the “DC” symbol, so the blue space was reduced. The writing moved to the right of the emblem. The type was not italicized anymore and it looked simpler.

2015 – Present

The design was slightly refreshed, although its overall look has remained unchanged.

Logo Diners Club International


Both the lines of the Diners Club International logo feature a classic and elegant serif type. In the first line, only the initials are capitalized, while the second line is made up of only capital letters.

Company overview

The history of Diners Club International started in 1950. It is the first independent payment card company in the world. Today, it is one of the world’s best-known charge card companies. The company and its franchisees operate in more than 55 countries.