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Originating from Finland, this brand boasts a vast array of designs. They flourish in a spectrum of hues, adorned with captivating patterns, and meticulously crafted from materials such as fabric, resilient polycarbonate, and sturdy plastic. Yet, what truly sets them apart are their robust nylon fabric luggage pieces, replete with a plethora of compartments. Designed with roominess in mind, they offer a systematically structured interior. Ideal for voyagers who aren’t transporting delicate items, these cases might not offer extensive protection against external pressures or impacts. Still, their elegance, coupled with their functional design, makes them a top choice for many adventure seekers.

Meaning and history

In 2006, nestled in the heart of Finland, the AlezaR company was founded with a vision to redefine luxury. They have since embarked on a journey to craft bags and suitcases that epitomize unparalleled quality. Every piece they create tells a story of meticulous design, passion, and a commitment to excellence. The artisans at AlezaR infuse their deep-rooted Finnish traditions into each product, ensuring not only top-tier functionality but also an aesthetic that speaks of timeless elegance. As the years have passed, AlezaR has stood out in the global market, turning heads and captivating hearts with their exceptional craftsmanship. Their unwavering dedication to perfection has established them as a beacon of luxury in the world of premium luggage.


Alezar Logo

The logo showcases the word “AlezaR” in a bold, maroon hue. Flanking either end of the text are intricately designed geckos, almost mirroring each other, with their tails curling elegantly around the initial and terminal letters. The geckos, detailed with visible limbs and contours, imbue the design with a touch of nature and dynamism. The entire composition is set against a clean, white backdrop, allowing the deep maroon elements to stand out prominently. The choice of font and the incorporation of the geckos lend the logo a distinctive and memorable character.