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Cintas Corporation provides a range of specialized services to businesses, primarily in North America. The Cintas logo has been incredibly consistent – its overall look has stayed the same since 1973, when the emblem was first introduced.

Meaning and history

The company’s roots can be traced back to 1929. Doc and Amelia Farmer, former circus performers, started a company that collected chemical-soaked rags from plants and sold them back after laundering them. Originally, the company worked as Acme.

1973 — Today

By this time, the business was large enough and needed “a new name to take the company into the future,” as the official version of the brand’s history puts it. An advertising agency was commissioned to do the job, but none of the versions it provided was chosen. Instead, Dick Farmer (the grandson of Doc Farmer), Bob Kohlhepp, and marketing partner Nick Curtis invented their own name, Cintas.
Very soon, the new name started to appear on delivery trucks. It looked pretty much like it does now.


The wordmark features quite bold sans serif letters of various widths. The “N” and “T” are joined and form a single glyph. So do the “A” and “S.” The “A” is much taller than all the other letters, even the dot above the “I.”


The name of the brand in the Cintas logo is dark blue, while the background is white.
There is an extended version of the logo, where a red banner with the white tagline “The Service Professionals” is added.