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Aleve is a brand of a Naproxen drug, which is a pain-killer. The medicine is manufactured by Bayer and is mainly used as a treatment of chronic conditions.

Meaning and history

Aleve Logo history


Aleve logo old
Aleve logo is built on a principle of brightness and simplicity of forms. The italicized wordmark is written in a custom bold typeface with sleek lines and sharpened angles.

All the capital letters of the inscription boast elongated pointed tails, which adds sharpness and style to the logo, as well as shows the pain-killing effect of the brand’s medication.


Aleve logo
Drawn with a three-dimensional effect, the nameplate looks powerful and energetic, the gradient shades of yellow create a shining and glossy surface of the lettering and the black shadow adds power and dynamics.

The blue arched line, placed above the wordmark, features a little light spot on it, resembling an Aleve pill, which aims to help with your health conditions.

The Aleve logo is minimalist yet colorful and strong. It shows the professional brand, capable to relieve the pain and make you feel good. The color palette of the Aleve visual identity evokes a happy and friendly feeling, representing a helpful and effective drug.