Aldi logo

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Aldi logo

A small shop, created as a family business in the distant 1948, today has turned into a wide network, the supermarkets of which can be found almost throughout Europe.

Logo History

Aldi logo history

The first logo of the today’s Aldi was registered in 1948, but the name until the early 1970s sounded like KarlAlbrecht, and later – Albrecht. And only an urgent need to make the logo more concise and thanks to this more practical led to the renaming of the brand and the emergence of modern Aldi.


Symbol Aldi

The symbol of Aldi can be considered a globe, striated by parallels and meridians, or – numerous roads that, like people, meet and scatter.


Emblem Aldi

The key in the history of the Aldi logo can be considered the 1980th year, when the design changed from a horizontal to a vertical rectangle, and in the logo field, in addition to the font, an image appeared.


Color Aldi logo

The first logos of the network were a combination of red background (dynamics, head) and white font (restraint, nobility). Already in the 1960s, the main color was blue – and against its background, the white font remained. And only in the 1980s the creators of the logo found that it was not necessary to give up any of the colors. Then the logo acquired a vertical rectangular shape in a frame of several colors. Inside the frame, on a blue background, there is a white logo and a blue symbol – an element of the letter A, consisting of three blue stripes diagonally intersecting the field of the logo, and three similar bands located horizontally. Minor changes in the font, colors and thickness of the lines during the following years did not bring about any fundamental changes in the logo.