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The Boots logo is a perfect example of a logotype that has stood the test of time. Although there have been a few modifications, the emblem has stayed virtually unchanged.

Meaning and history

Boots Logo history

Boots UK Limited, a British health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain, has been incredibly consistent in its brand identity. Its logo has looked pretty much the same for almost 140 years (since 1883)!


Boots Logo 1883

The history of the company can be traced back to an herbal medicine shop opened in Nottingham in 1849 by John Boot. It was incorporated as Boot and Co. Ltd in 1883. At this period, the company already used a handwritten logo showcasing a unique cursive script.

    The list of its distinctive features included:

  • the second “o” formed like a loop
  • the extended top bar of the “t” and the extended end of the final “s”
  • the diagonal orientation (the wordmark was directed upwards, which is now believed to symbolize optimism and readiness to embrace the future)

And of course, we should mention the dark blue color, which has been the brand’s signature ever since.
During the company’s earliest years, logotypes could slightly vary because they were drawn by hand, not printed. It didn’t affect the core, though.
In some cases, you could also see the words “The” and “Chemist’s” placed inside the extended ends of the “t” and “s” respectively.


Boots Logo 1960s

In addition to the main logo, the company introduced an alternative version. The only difference was that the wordmark was now white and was placed inside a black oval.
Also, in the late 1960s, the packaging sometimes featured another logo. It was dominated by a stylized “B” paired with the word “Boots” in a simple sans. There was also the lettering “Pure drug Co LTD Nottingham England.” The lettering and the “B” were placed inside a light blue square. However, it wasn’t a real primary logo but more of a short-lived label.


Boots Logo 1980s

The ellipse was colored dark blue. The ellipse logo still didn’t achieve the status of the primary logo.


Boots Logo 1990s

The range of alternative logotypes was enriched by a 3D oval with a gradient.

Boots Logo 1990s1
Also, you can come across a logo with taglines (“let’s feel good” or “let’s feel good together,” for instance).


Boots logo

The logo was slightly modified without losing its unique style. The current Boots logo doesn’t carry an oval. Also, the bar on the “t” has grown by far shorter leaving the design cleaner.


Font Boots Logo

The intricate cursive typeface seen on the Boots logo is a custom one. Due to the script, the wordmark looks as if it has been written by hand. This goes well with the company’s heritage, taking into consideration that it was established as a shop where handmade medications were sold.


Color Boots Logo

The simple white-and-blue color scheme provides sufficient contrast and legibility.

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