Boots Logo

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Boots Logo

The Boots logo is a perfect example of a logotype that has stood the test of time. Although there have been a few modifications, the emblem has stayed virtually unchanged.

Meaning and history

Boots Logo history

The history of Boots dates back to 1849. It was founded as a herbal medicine shop by John Boot. After the death of the founder, his widow and 10-year-old son Jesse ran the business. In 1883, the shop was incorporated as Boot and Co. Ltd. Five years later, it became Boots Pure Drug Company.

Throughout its long history, the company has gone through several owners, has taken part in acquisitions and mergers. Now, it is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United Kingdom. It is also rather successful in Ireland, Norway, and other countries. The number of stores in the UK and Ireland only exceeds 2,500.

Old symbol

symbol Boots

According to the company legend, the original logo was created in 1883 by Jesse Boot, the founder’s son. The wordmark was given in a handwritten script with a prominent “B” and two bars (one of them above the lettering, the other one under it).

Current emblem

Boots emblem

At first glance, the current logo may look almost the same as the original one. However, there has been a couple of barely noticeable alterations, which did not affect the overall look.


Font Boots Logo

The intricate cursive typeface seen on the Boots logo is a custom one. Due to the script, the wordmark looks as if it has been written by hand. This goes well with the company’s heritage, taking into consideration that it was established as a shop where handmade medications were sold.


Color Boots Logo

The simple white-and-blue color scheme provides sufficient contrast and legibility.