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Xperia is the label of mobile phones created by the famous Sony company in 2008. Today under the Xperia brand Sony releases various smartphones, which work with the Android OS and are considered to be one of the most popular mobile devices all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Xperia logo

Xperia is a relatively young brand of a huge reputable company, which has great experience in everything connected to image, visual identity, and style, not to mention technologies and innovations. This is why, the label still uses the logo, which was created for it in the very beginning — Sony managed to brilliantly reflect the essence and character of Xperia from the first attempt, so no need to change anything in the thing, that is already perfect.

The Xperia logo is stylized modern lettering in the uppercase, which is usually exe-cuted in black and set on a white background but can also blue used in a reverse color palette. The inscription is set in all capital letters of a custom sans-serif type-face with open contours and medium-weight lines, which boast strict and stylish cuts.

More often the logo is just used on its own, with no additions, but sometimes the Xperia logotype can be accompanied by the “Sony Smartphone” tagline, written in the same color, but with another, a more rounded and traditional sans-serif typeface.

For the Xperia Z series of smartphones, the “Z” is written in the same style as the main wordmark and placed on the right from the inscription, with a bit more space than between the letters in “Xperia”.

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