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Kingston is an American brand of flash memory devices manufacturer, which was established in 1987 by John Tu and David Sun. Today the company is the world’s leader in its segment, operating across the globe.

Meaning and history

Kingston logo

Kingston is one of the 150 largest independent companies in the USA, and its logo is one of the most recognizable in the world. The Kingston’s emblem even has its own name – Rex.

The Kingston logo is a wordmark in black with a “Technology” tagline and a famous emblem on its right.

The emblem

Emblem Kingston

The iconic symbol was created in 1992 by Fraser. It was based on the original advertising campaign of Kingston, which was launched in 1989. That was an image of half of the head open where the additional memory devices were being installed, and it was saying “Improve your memory”.

The emblem was slightly modified since the date of its creation, but the style and the original meaning remain.

It is a very sharp and bold drawing, which reflects technology and progress with its distinct lines.

Color and font

Logo Kingston

The combination of red and black is probably one of the most powerful in the design world. It gives a feeling of strength and authority.

The red Rex symbolizes energy and innovations, while the black wordmark adds elegance, sophistication and timelessness.

The wordmark is executed in a custom typeface with confident curves and clean lines of the letters. It is modern yet has a very strong link to classic roots.

This combination of power and beauty, of future and past, makes the Kingston logo unique and memorable.