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Luisa Spagnoli is an Italian brand of a fashion retailing company, which was founded and named after a famous businesswoman, who was born in 1877. Today the company has around 200 stores all over the globe and also has a lot of sales through its online platform.

Meaning and history

Luisa Spagnoli logo

The Luisa Spagnoli visual identity is a tribute to all the ladies in the world. It is femi-nine, elegant and tender. The text-based logo of the brand looks timeless and fine.

The Luisa Spagnoli wordmark is executed in a custom cursive lettering with smooth curved lines. There are several elements in the inscription, that make the logo unique and instantly recognizable.

The first thing you see when looking at the Luisa Spagnoli logo is a thin heart, formed by intertwined tails of the letters “L” and two “S”. The heart is placed around the “A”, like a delicate frame.

Two more eye-catching elements can be seen in the letter “P”, which two curved elongated tails repeat the bottom line of the letter “L” and make the logo balanced and harmonized.

The color palette of the Luisa Spagnoli logo is based on a beige-pink and black, which can be switched to white and gold or monochrome, depending on the placement.

The Luisa Spagnoli logo is a reflection of the company’s nature and its focus on women’s elegant fashion. It is sophisticated and sleek, looking light and fresh on any background and evoking a friendly sense of comfort and style.