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Although the logo of the UK football club AFC Bournemouth has gone through quite a few modifications since the team was established around 120 years ago, it has always been consistent in its use of red as the dominant color.

Meaning and history

AFC Bournemouth logo history

One of the earliest logos, the one adopted in 1936, featured two shield shapes, one inside the other, incorporating a variety of symbols, like a medieval shield. The 1966 AFC Bournemouth logo looked utterly different featuring only the letters “BFC.”

AFC Bournemouth logo

It was in 1972 that a player’s head and a football appeared on the crest. This emblem, with slight modifications, has been the core of the logo ever since. Also, almost all the logotypes that have been introduced since then featured the three colors – red, white, and black. In addition to them, the current one also includes gold for the lettering.