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FC Dallas Logo
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FC Dallas is the name of a professional football club from the USA, which was established in Texas in 1995, under the name Dallas Burn. The current name was adopted in 2004. FC Dallas is play in Major League Soccer and is one of its oldest members.

Meaning and history

FC Dallas Logo history

FC Dallas is a soccer club from the city of Dallas, Texas, which was founded under the name Dallas Burn, in 1995. The original name of the club was a tribute to the homeland of the club and its hot weather. In 1996 Burn becomes a member of the MLS and gets acquired it by Lamar Hunt, a famous American businessman. In 1997 Dallas Burn wins the US Cup.

Since the cup of 1998, the team hasn’t been showing any extraordinary results for years, and this was one of the reasons it got to financial difficulties at the beginning of the 2000s. The owners decided to give it a try and fully rebrand the club, this is how the current name came out in 2004. Whether it was a coincidence or not, in 2005 the new name and identity become a finalist of the US Cup. The success was repeated in 2007.
FC Dallas is also known as “Bulls”, the club’s uniform is designed in red-and-white and blue-and-white color palettes. The home stadium of FC Dallas is Pizza Hut Park in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, with a capacity of 20,5 thousand seats.

What is FC Dallas?
FC Dallas is the professional football club from Texas, established in 1995, and joined MLS in 1996. The first name of the club, Dallas Burn, was changed to the current in 2005, after the major rebranding of the club, held by its owner, Lamar Hunt.

As for the visual identity, the history of the club’s logo is as short as the history of the club’s names — one badge per one name, everything is simple and predictable. There is a huge difference between the logo of the Dallas Burn and the FC Dallas clubs. In everything from colors to style and mood.

1996 — 2004

FC Dallas Logo 1996

The Dallas Burn logo was introduced in 1996 and featured a stylized image of a black horse in a thick green outline. The mustang had its legs stylized as lightning bolts, and the animal had a red flame coming out of its mouth. The horse image was horizontally crossed by the banner with the lettering. The “Burn” inscription was set in all capitals, with the first letter enlarged. Each massive symbol of the logotype was drawn in red and outlined in white.

2005 — Today

FC Dallas Logo

The logo for the FC Dallas was designed in 2005 by Lamar Hunt himself. It is a sleek modern crest, executed in the traditional blue and red color palette, celebrating the motherland of the club. The central part of the crest depicts a stylized bull in gray and blue. The animal has a red flame on its forehead (the connection with the previous logo), and a solid gray five-pointed star on its chest. The star is a symbol of Texas, The Lone Star State.

Above the Bull’s head, there is a delicate gray “96”, the date, marking the establishment of the club, and the arched white “FC Dallas” logotype in the uppercase of a narrowed yet massive sans-serif typeface.

What does FC Dallas stand for?
FC Dallas stands for Football Club Dallas, a professional soccer team from Dallas, Texas, which plays in Major League Soccer, the top-tier soccer league in the United States and Canada.