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Adyen is the name of a European company, that specializes in payment solutions. The platform was established in the Netherlands in 2006, and provides such services as online and point-of-sale payments, working with the world’s largest companies, such as Uber, eBay, and Spotify.

Meaning and history

The name of the platform, Adyen, can be translated from Surinamese as “Start over again”, and this is what the initial idea behind the business was. The Adyen founders wanted to change the process of online payments, making it easier and more secure. And the company did its best to make it happen.

Today Adyen operates worldwide with almost 30 offices in different countries of the world, serving the largest e-commerce platforms and companies, with an online-payment basis. Among the Adyen, customers are such loud names as eBay, Etsy, Uber, and Spotify.

Apart from its main field of activity, online payments, Adyen also helps its customers with in-person payments, cross-channel solutions, and various management consulting services, such as risk and revenue optimization.

Today Adyen serves businesses in different spheres, including software, gaming, digital media, mobility, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, and retail. Among the clients of the company are also businesses engaged in the food and beverage industry hospitality and applications and platforms, which use subscriptions.

What is Adyen?
Adyen is an internationally operating payment platform, which works mainly with e-commerce businesses to optimize the online-payment system and make it easier to manage. The company also provides such services as in-person payment, management, and consulting.

In terms of visual identity, Adyen chooses a bright and futuristic design approach, which makes the company stand out on the list of its competitors. The vivid green color and geometric shapes of the characters in its logotype look stable and strong, showing the company as a reputable market leader.

2006 – Today

Adyen Logo

The Adyen visual identity hasn’t changed much since the day of the company’s foundation and still has a bright green inscription in a custom typeface as its only element. The logotype of the online platform is set in massive geometric letters with all contours open. The lowercase characters are closed pretty close to each other, although still have enough air to not look too heavy. The primary version of the badge is set in green letters, but sometimes it can be written in white on a solid green background. No other colors are used in the palette of Adyen.

Font and color

The stable futuristic logotype of Adyen is set in the lowercase of a custom designer typeface, which has something in common with ugh fonts such as Boppa Deluxe Black and Mossimo 200 Soft Black, but with contours of the letters modified and strengthened. There is something truly powerful and confident in each of the characters of the Adyen’s inscription, which evokes a sense of trust and safety.

As for the color palette of the online payment platform, it is based on two colors — green and white, and the shade of green, used for its logo, is bright and delightful. Green is commonly known as the color of progress and movement, although it also represents money and wealth, while white adds a sense of loyalty, reliability, and transparency. The perfect combination to reflect the essence and purpose of the company.

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