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Indian Gifts Portal is an online platform, established in 1999 and specialized in all the possible gifts, which are available for customers across the country. The e-store offers flowers, gift cards and personalized items with nationwide delivery.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of a famous Indian company is elegant and modern. Its minimalist and neat logo is composed of a wordmark and emblem, which is the part of the inscription.

The intense pink and white color palette of the e-commerce platform’s visual identity is a symbol of love and passion. Love of the retailer’s customers to their friends and families and passion of the company to what they do, choosing the best gifts and accessories.

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The thin white lines of the nameplate evoke a light and fresh sense. The tail of the letter “I” is elongated to the left, creating a base for the emblem — a gift box with a bow on top. All the lines are fine and delicate, looking balanced and clean and showing the company as a professional and reliable one.

For the icon, the e-commerce platform uses the white gift box placed on a solid pink circle. This symbol is instantly recognizable across India and is almost a quality mark for online shopping.


The wordmark of the online retailer’s logo is executed in a light sans-serif typeface, which is customized. The tails of the letters “P” and “M” are slightly elongated and curved, adding playfulness and vitality to the overall picture. While the elegant “G” makes the inscription look more traditional and sophisticated, creating a timeless eye-catching image.


The most famous and reputable online gifts store in India, is a company, which aims to provide its customers with the best solutions to make their loved ones happy.

Indian Gifts Portal Logo

The e-commerce platform provides individual clients, businesses and festivals with gifts and flowers, they also make cakes and cards and can customize any order according to the customer’s needs.

There is a wide selection of gifts suitable for both personal and public occasions. You can browse gifts by category, by price or by occasion. There are special sectors for women, men, and kids, where everything is perfectly sorted and systematized.

You can find almost everything here: fashion items and accessories, stationery, jewelry, home decor gift items, along with sweets, toys, and plants. The online retailer has chosen and gathered the best ideas in one place.

The company has its warehouses across the country, which makes the nationwide delivery fast and easy. There is also a flexible payment system, where every customer feels protected.