ADA Logo


ADA is the name of a cryptocurrency, created by the Cardano blockchain platform in 2017. Built on Ouroborus protocol, today ADA is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The founder of ADA is Charles Hoskinson.

Meaning and history

Cardano was created in 2015, by the co-founder of Ethereum, the second-generation cryptocurrency, Charles Hoskinson. Two years later the company released ADA, third-generation crypto, which by today has grown into one of the biggest currencies on the market.
Developers use a scientific and methodological approach, create new technologies and constantly expand the functionality of the platform. Cardano platform is aimed at deploying smart contacts, developing decentralized applications, DeFi, promoting sidechain technology that allows tokens to be used not only in the original network. The project positions itself as a next-generation Ethereum.

What is ADA?
ADA is the name of a third-generation cryptocurrency, founded by Charles Hoskinson (Ethereum) in 2017. Based on the Cardano blockchain platform, today ADA is considered to be one of the most environmentally sustainable cryptocurrencies.

The name comes from the surname of the prominent Italian mathematician, philosopher, physician Gerolamo Cardano. In terms of visual identity, the ADA cryptocurrency uses the Cardano emblem, which was designed for the blockchain platform in 2015, and hasn’t been changed by today.

2017 – Today

ADA Logo
The ADA crypto logo is executed in a calm and strong dark-blue and white color palette, which stands for protection, security, and professionalism. All of the elements of the logo are circular, which softens the dark colors of the composition and adds another meaning: unity and eternity.
The ADA logo is built around six solid bold dots in blue, which form a circle, and have several rays, composed of smaller dots coming out of it. The image looks like a molecular structure, a schematic image of something whole and singular, being formed by smaller things.
The official color palette of the logo is dark blue on white, but it can also be seen in the reverse version, with a bit smoother and a lighter shade of blue for the background. Another option is a monochrome color palette, but the black-and-white logo is very rarely used by cryptocurrency.

Font and color

The primary logo of Cardano cryptocurrency ADA does not have any lettering on it, although sometimes the graphical emblem of ADA can be accompanied by an inscription with the name of the crypto or the blockchain it is built on. There is no particular typeface for the additional lettering on the ADA insignia, but most often the wordmarks are set in minimalistic and clean sans-serif types, with distinct contours and straight cuts of the lines. The fonts, which are most often used for the ADA logo are somewhat in between Radian Bold, Giga Sans Bold, and Organetto Bold. There are also versions with the title case lettering, set in two levels, and executed in a very traditional lightweight sans-serif, with classic rounded contours of the characters.

As for the color palette of the ADA visual identity, it is fully based on a blue color, which is a usual thing for the brands and companies in the IT-sphere. Blue is a representation of professionalism and stability, it also evokes such senses as trustworthiness and reliability, which is more than important in the cryptocurrency world.

The ADA blue can be different. When the primary version of the logo is set in a dark and bright shade, which looks sleek and modern, the badge, composed of solid dots, can also be seen in softer and calmer hues of blue, which make the logo appear more friendly and modest. The lighter version of the ADA logo looks very sterile and represents the loyalty and transparency of the Cardano team. The dark and bright primary logo is more about excellence and progressiveness, with shades closer to purple, the badge does not leave any doubts about the professionalism of the ADA creators, and their innovative approach.