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The majority of the space of the American Savings Bank logo is occupied by the name of the brand. And yet, the highlight of the design is the leaf. This is what makes it stand out among the competition. It carries deep symbolism and provides an emotional impact.

Meaning and history

American Savings Bank logo

The history of the bank started on September 7, 1922. Today, it is the third-largest financial institution in Hawaii. American Savings Bank is a subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric Industries.


American Savings Bank emblem

The emblem of American Savings Bank is more emotional than those of the majority of its competitors. It may even seem somewhat unexpected for those unfamiliar with the state symbols of Hawaii. You can see an open green leaf against the blue background reminiscent of the water. For many of us, this creates an instant association with something natural, with beautiful tropical plants rising above the water.

And yet, this is not why this emblem has been chosen. The leaf depicted in the logo is the leaf of kalo (also known as taro or Colocasia esculenta), which has been Hawaii state plant since 2007. The state seal introduced in 1959 featured eight taro leaves. Earlier, it was used on the crown of King Kalakaua.

Taro is often mentioned among the earliest cultivated plants. It has edible leaves and roots. So, when the design team behind the emblem of American Savings Bank opted for this type of logo, they wanted to emphasize the significance of the financial institution and its connection to the state and Hawaiian culture.


American Savings Bank Simbol

The bank opted for an austere and highly legible sans. The word “American” is given in larger letters and is capitalized, while the lettering “Savings Bank” is lowercase, except for the initial.


American Savings Bank

The American Savings Bank logo features a serene, relaxed palette combining blue, green, and white.

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