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The logo Donald Trump used during the 2016 presidential race was patriotic and straightforward. Each of the details, from the size of the letters to the choice of the palette, was meaningful.

Meaning and history

Trump Logo history

The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump came to politics as a well-known businessman and television personality. According to Forbes, his net worth is around $3.1 billion.


The 2015 emblem is a wide pale-blue rectangle with a red line running along the edges on their inner side. In the center of both the top and bottom sides, they culminate in five red stars each. In the center of the figure, there’s a word ‘Trump’ written in bold white letters. Beneath it, the motto ‘make America great again!’ is also featured.


Trump logo-2016

To begin with, the Trump logo makes a decent example of a typographic logo. The emblem features the lettering “Trump Pence” in larger letters followed by the motto “Make America great again!” All the text, apart from the word “Pence,” is in dark blue. The three-lined lettering is placed inside a dark blue frame with two gaps. The gap on the top is filled with five red stars, while the other gap features the year of the elections, 2016, in red.


The 2019 logo is exactly the same as the previous one, except with a red number ‘45’ instead of the year ‘2016’, like before.

Explanation of the emblem

Trump emblem

The reason for putting the lettering “Pence” on the emblem was pretty simple: Mike Pence, the Governor of Indiana, was running as the Vice Presidential candidate along with Donald Trump. Yet, some people believed the word “Pence” was unnecessary on the logo.

Still, it looks pretty reasonable if you take into consideration that the motto of Trump’s campaign, “Make America great again!”, was very ambitious, to put it mildly. Putting two last names on the ticket seemed like a way to make it at least a bit less unrealistic. The fact that “Pence” is given in smaller letters bears a symbolic meaning: it shows which of the candidates is supposed to have more power and whose opinion matters most.

While that’s primarily a typographic logo, we can see an important pictorial element – the stars, which are associated with the US flag.


donald trump logo

Solid and heavy, the type used for the word “Trump” seems to conjure up such notions as “trustworthy,” “confident,” “conservative.” We can point out that the motto is given in a different, lighter type.


trump pence logo

The choice of the palette seems pretty obvious. Can any colors on earth look more patriotic for the US than those of the national flag? By the way, if you take a look at the logos of Trump’s main opponents, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, you’ll notice they are based on the same approach.

Moreover, hundreds of US politicians have used the combination of dark blue, red, and white in their emblems. The shades vary slightly, though. In case of the Trump logo, they are the same as on the flag, while those on the logos of Cruz and Kasich are different: Cruz has chosen brighter tones, while Kasich has opted for more muted tones.