5sos Logo

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5sos Logo
The Australian rock band 5 Seconds of Summerhad to change its original wordmark due to accusations incopyright violation.

Meaning and history

history 5sos Logo

The original black-and-white logotype had a symbolic meaning. Each of the first four tally marks symbolized one of the band members, while the bar that crossed all the tally marks represented their fans.

Emblem controversy

5sos emblem
According to many sources, in spring 2015, a shop called Undefeated threatened the rock band to sue it because their logos were way too similar. To avoid a major copyright battle, the band just stuck to another emblem.
However, the band members have never officiallyconfirmed this information.

Current symbol

5sos symbol
The logo features the wordmark placed in the middle of two skulls. Instead of the eyes, the skulls have two hearts, and there are also stars on both sides of the skulls. All these are put inside a black circle with a pink outline. The logo was designed by designer-to-the-stars Tom Gordon.


Font 5sos Logo
The typeface looks unique due to the unusual shape of the characters: each of them is broken in two or three parts.


Color 5sos Logo
The tally logo featured a black-and-white color scheme, while the current scull logo may be given in a variety of colors. The standard version features the band name in white and the pink sculls against the black background.