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Zyxel Communications Corp. is a Chinese public company with headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The company was founded in 1999.   It is a producer of networking devices, like routers, switches, modems, firewalls, mesh networking equipment. Today Zyxel has 35 branch offices in Asia, Europe and North America, distributors of its products in more than 70 countries and about 1500 employees and all over the world. Its year turnover by 2008 has reached the level of 479 million US dollars.

Meaning and history

Zyxel logo

Initially, the Zexel logo was very concise; it had just the name of the brand written in black capital letters. The graphics of the letters were light and spacious, their lines straight with rounded ends, very close to the commercial font Velveteen Round NF Bold. The letter “X” had a special feature: right bars, both upper and lower, were disconnected from the apex of the letter by narrow gaps, making the rest of the letter looking like a black angle pointed rightward. This feature gave the logo an original look and made it easily recognizable.

Logo ZyXEL

In 2016 the company launched an international rebranding campaign under the slogan “Your Networking Ally.” This phrase appeared also on its logotype under the wordmark in small black letters resembling the commercial font Galano Grotesque. With this gesture, the company underlined its basic strategy and close relations with the customers. Zexel claimed its main goal as helping its partners to use the best solutions for sustainable connections and to deliver services to most distant clients.

Lately, the logotype of Zyxel received its current, modern version.  The new logo is as short and simple as the previous one. It has the company’s name “ZyXEL”, in which the letter “y” is written in lower case while all others are made in capital letters. The lines of the letters are thick and heavy, resembling the commercial font Univers 93 Extra Black Extended Oblique. The colour of the wordmark is dark navy blue on a white background or vice versa.