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Blu-Ray is the name of a data storage format, which was first introduced in 2006 by Sony. Today the technology is widely used for storing video materials and games and became more popular than DVD due to the quality, speed, and a better resolution.

Meaning and history

Blu-Ray logo

The Blu-ray logo is familiar in every corner of the world, as people see it daily on the movie covers on supermarket shelves and posters. This iconic logo was introduced in 2006 and hasn’t been changed since then, as it looks actual and trendy due to the smooth distinct lines and simple yet powerful color scheme.

Blu-Ray emblem

The Blu-ray logo is composed of lettering placed under an emblem, consisting of the lowercase letter “B” with an arched line on its right, resembling a bracket. The “B” is bold and extended, looking dynamic and progressive.

As for the wordmark itself, it’s “Blu-ray Disk” lettering in the title case is executed in a bold italicized sans-serif with smooth lines and rounded angles, though it doesn’t make it look too soft and feminine, on the contrary, it evokes a sense of strength, solidness and confidence.

The typeface of the Blu-ray visual identity is very close to Naftera Black Italic, which is a sleek and elegant modern font.

As for the color palette, the Blu-ray logo uses two combinations — it is whether black on white, or blue on white. The first one is mainly used for official documents and monochrome styles, while the second one is the most commonly used. It looks bright, friendly, and very professional.