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The Ostrava Zoo, located in Ostrava, Czech Republic, was originally founded as Kunčičky Zoo in 1951. It underwent a significant transformation in 1956 with the commencement of a new zoo in Stromovka Park, to which it relocated in 1960. In 1996, the zoo became a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). It’s a prominent institution in the region, known for its diverse collection of animals and commitment to conservation efforts. The zoo operates daily, welcoming visitors to explore its extensive animal exhibits​​.

Meaning and history

ZOO Ostrava Logo history

The Ostrava Zoo, founded in 1951 in Ostrava-Kuncicky, Czech Republic, has evolved significantly over the years. It began as a recreational park, later transforming into a zoo under the guidance of Bohumil Vitek. Initially, it faced challenges like material shortages and limited animal care resources.

In 1960, the zoo relocated to Silesian Ostrava, expanding its animal collection with species like polar bears and chimpanzees. The 1970s brought modernization and a focus on high-profile species. However, the 1980s saw a downturn, which was later addressed in the 1990s with stabilization efforts.

Entering the new millennium, the zoo experienced revitalization with new exhibits and facilities, transforming into a botanical garden as well. The most recent years have been marked by significant redevelopment, enhancing both the zoo’s infrastructure and its role in conservation and education.

Throughout its history, Ostrava Zoo has consistently worked towards improving animal welfare and visitor experience, adapting to various challenges and maintaining its status as a key institution in the region.

1970 – 2004

ZOO Ostrava Logo 1970

The logo features a stylized depiction of a feline face, possibly a tiger or a lynx, given the pointed ears and the intricate patterns. The face is symmetrical, with bold lines and contrasting shades creating a striking visual. The words “ZOO OSTRAVA” are prominently displayed above the feline’s head, indicating the name of the institution the logo represents. The artistic style combines geometric shapes and organic forms, creating a modern and memorable design that captures attention and represents the essence of a zoo – a place of diverse, wild, and natural beauty.

2005 – 2023

ZOO Ostrava Logo 2005

The logo features an abstract representation of a camera, with a green tree forming the central part of the word “ZOO,” encased within a lens. This signifies a focus on nature and wildlife. “OSTRAVA” is neatly placed below, grounded by a green line. Compared to the previous logo with the lynx face, which used a more literal and vibrant depiction of an animal, this logo opts for a minimalist and conceptual approach, emphasizing observation and discovery over direct representation. Both logos, however, clearly celebrate the natural world and the zoo’s mission to connect people with wildlife.

2023 – Today

ZOO Ostrava Logo

The logo is a colorful abstraction with shapes suggesting a vibrant tree or a playful animal figure, integrating nature’s diversity. The design uses warm colors, radiating a friendly and welcoming vibe. In contrast, the previous camera-like logo was more subdued, focusing on observation and exploration. Both emblems embody the spirit of the zoo but through different lenses—one through lively colors and shapes, the other through a minimalist, exploratory motif.