Enel Logo

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Enel Logo
Enel is a transnational company operating in the sector of the production and distribution of electricity and natural gas. Enel is an abbreviation for “Ente nazionale per l’energia elettrica” which in Italian means State institution for electric power. It was founded as a state-owned enterprise in Italy in 1962. In 1999 in the wake of the liberalization of the Italian electricity market, the company became private with some state participation.  By 2014, the company’s year turnover reached the level of almost 76 billion euros and its net income was 772 million euros.

The logo, its history and meaning

Enel Logo history

At the outset of the company’s history, its logo was very simple. It was just the name “ENEL” written in block letters inside a square with rounded corners. The font of the letters was resembling the commercial Bodoni SH Roman, but more condensed and extended vertically. The wordmark was made in light sky blue tone. This logo was in use until 1982.
Next logo, which existed from 1982 to 1991, was a completely different one. This time, it was an emblem representing a big handwritten letter “e” which comprised in its lower part all over letters of the name “enel”.  To underline the link of the logo to the electrical industry, the bowl of the letter “e” was ending in a dart of lightning. The logo was in black and white.
Logo Enel
In 1991, the company returned to a concise wordmark with just the name “ENEL” made in block letters with very thick graphics resembling the font OL London Black Italic. The wordmark was replaced in 1997 by a new one, which became the most famous and most recognizable Enel logo. The letters got lapis blue colour and a much more elegant font very close to Frutiger Pro 66 Bold Italic. Next to the wordmark was an emblem depicting a tree made up of orange flames and symbolizing power and electric energy. The logo also existed in another colour palette: bright crimson red emblem and wordmark in deep admiral blue tone.
In 2016, Enel again rebranded its logotype. The company returned to a simple wordmark with its name on it. The new logo is made in a very modernist style. The letters are made in a handwritten font.  The silhouettes of the letters fade away towards the end of their lines. Moreover, the colour palette of the wordmark is quite fancy: orange, pink, blue, green and grey.