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Enel is a transnational company operating in the sector of the production and distribution of electricity and natural gas. Enel is an abbreviation for “Ente nazionale per l’energia elettrica” which in Italian means State institution for electric power. It was founded as a state-owned enterprise in Italy in 1962. In 1999 in the wake of the liberalization of the Italian electricity market, the company became private with some state participation.  By 2014, the company’s year turnover reached the level of almost 76 billion euros and its net income was 772 million euros.

Meaning and history

Enel Logo history


Enel Logo-1963

The original Enel logo featured the word “Enel” in a light serif type. The wordmark was placed inside a rectangle with rounded corners. The logo was light blue on the white background.


Enel Logo-1982

This version was by far more energetic and powerful due to the lightning bolt shape and the bold “e.” Yet, it was barely legible. You would have never guessed what the company name was unless you had already known it.


Enel Logo 1991
This version resolved the legibility issue but did not preserve the originality of its predecessor. The word “Enel” now featured a generic sans. It was bold and italicized, which supposed power and dynamism.


Enel Logo-1997

The design was redrawn from scratch once again. This time, it was more meaningful. The orange emblem to the right represented the electric light and was somewhat reminiscent of the light bulb. The blue color of the “Enel” wordmark was inspired by the color of the natural gas. So, the company managed to combine the two main industries in which it works within a single logo. The only problem was that the two elements did not seem to merge very well.


Enel Logo

The new Enel logo was developed by the London office of Wolff Olins. It has borrowed the orange and blue from the previous logo as the symbols of electricity and natural gas. Other than this, the design is totally new.

According to the company’s press release, the key idea to the updated design is “the cursor, an iconic visual symbol that represents Open Power.” As the brand explains, the cursor is in constant motion. It also symbolizes the filament, which is behind the power of a light bulb.