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Zanussi is an Italian brand of major home appliances manufacturing company, which was founded in 1916 by Antonio Zanussi, a young over repair worker. The company became one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances and in was bought by Electrolux Group in 1984.

Meaning and history

Zanussi Logo history

The history of the brand dates back to 1916, when 26-year-old Italian Antonio Zanussi, son of a blacksmith, opened his company “Officina Fumisteria Antonio Zanussi”, which began producing wood-burning stoves.

By early 1920 the company had 10 employees and in the same year, Officina Fumisteria Antonio Zanussi produced the first stove equipped with a cast iron cooking surface.

In 1933, the company Antonio begins to produce products under the brand name “Rex”. The brand was named in honor of one of the ocean liners that successfully completed its record transatlantic voyage the same year.

In 1946 the company is headed by the son of the founder, Lino Zannusi, thanks to whom its products start to successfully conquer the European market.

In 1954, the company releases its first refrigerator and also opens a factory for washing machine production.

Today ZANUSSI is engaged in the production of a wide variety of home appliances supplied to more than 70 countries around the world.

Old Logo

Zanussi Logo old

The old version of the ZANUSSI logo was very strict and minimalistic. The only element on the brand’s badge was the bold uppercase wordmark in black, set on a transparent background. Although, the strong geometric typeface of the inscription has made a very balanced and confident image for the Italian company, showing it as a professional and powerful one.

New Logo

Zanussi Logo

The Zanussi logo is a symbol of Italian style and quality. Simple yet modern, strict yet elegant, it reflects the brand’s heritage and attention to details.

The logo is composed of a bold wordmark, underlined with a fine line of Italian flag tricolor. No extra details needed there.

The wordmark in all-caps is executed in sans serif font with clean thick lines, slightly stretched up letters evoke a feeling of growth and progress, while the underline reflects brand’s heritage and traditions.

It is a strong and recognizable logo, celebrating the powerful and reliable brand, which is leading in the industry, providing the best quality and design.

Font and color

The bold uppercase lettering from the primary ZANUSSI logo is set in a super bold and distinctive sans-serif typeface with the contours of the characters slightly narrowed. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Impact Std Roman, or Heading Now 47 ExtraBold, with some minor modifications of the characters.

As for the color palette of the ZANUSSI visual identity, it is based on a combination of black and yellow, which represents the energy and professionalism of the company, and a thin green, white, and red element, representing the roots and the motherland of the brand, Italy.