Y-3 Logo

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Y-3 is a street-fashion brand, born through the collaboration with the iconic Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and the American sportswear legend Adidas. The brand is known for its sharp designs and recognizable details.

Meaning and history

Y-3 Logo

The label got its name from two forming brands — “Y” from Yohji Yamamoto and “3” for Adidas’ three-lines signature pattern. Y-3 is a very strong young brand, with a rebellious character, and its visual identity is a perfect representation of the label.

The Y-3 logo is minimalist and text-based. The thick lettering of the wordmark uses a strict and simple sans-serif typeface, which the main characteristic is boldness.

Executed in a monochrome palette, the brand’s logo alternate its text and background colors, depending on the placement. But it always looks sharp and powerful,

Y-3 emblem

The Y-3 logo is an example of sharp and modern visual identity design, with a lot of character, but completely simple. And when it is embroidered on the label’s clothing it gets even more powerful, as the brand’s designs are super modern and stylish.

This is a perfect logo design for such an authentic and futuristic fashion brand.