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XO is the name of a record label, which was created in Canada in 2011, by a super popular musician The Weeknd. Initially, it was needed for the release of the artist’s mixtapes but has grown into a full-fledged record label, which today works with four musicians performing in hip-hop and R&B genres.

Meaning and histor

XO is the label, created by one of the most famous r&b musicians of our times, The Weeknd, back in 2011. The songs, recorded under the pseudonym The Weeknd, first appeared in late 2010, but the person behind the project was initially unknown. And for the release of three mixtapes, which were thought to be the artists “Hello” to the world, he created XO, which still exists successfully and works with several other musicians.

What is XO?

 XO is the record label created by the musician The Weeknd in 2011. Today, in addition to The Weekend itself, either works with such artists as Belly, Nav, and Black Atlass, famous r&b and hip-hop musicians.

In terms of visual identity, the label sticks to the original logo version, which was designed in 2011, and hasn’t been changed at all. The only thing that could vary throughout the years is the color palette: sometimes it is black on white, sometimes — white on black, and for several occasions one detail of the badge can turn red.

2011 – Today

XO Logo

The logo, created for the XO record label in 2011, is composed of just two letters, written in bold black lines over a plain white background. The uppercase letters look like they were written by a thick crayon, with the “X” slightly slanted to the left, and the “O” a bit lower and with an inclination to the right. Between the letter, there is a bold heart symbol drawn in the same style and color. It is set in the upper part of the lettering and is the only graphical element of the badge.

The black on white is the official logo of the label, but you can often see it drawn in bold white lines on a plain black background, and in this palette, the heart can be drawn in whether white or red colors.