WOW air Logo

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WOW air is a low-cost airline, which was established in 2011 in Iceland and ceased its operations in 2019. The company operated flights across the world and one of the largest in its country.

Meaning and history

The WOW air logo is bright and memorable, it is composed of a circle with a wordmark on it. The purple color of the background is a symbol of artistic spirit and creativity, and it is also a color, evoking a sense of comfort and safety.

The extra bold “WOW” inscription is executed in a smooth sans-serif typeface with rounded angles. The “Air” part in the lowercase is placed under it and written in thin fine lines.

WOW air Logo

The main element of the Wow Air logo is a silhouette of a flying plane, which features the purple color of the background and comes out of the letter “O” with its wings spread on two “W” symmetrically.

It is a loser minimalist logo, which is bright, unique and meaningful. It represents the freedom and speed of a progressive contemporary company.

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