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Aeropelican Air Services is an airline company that specializes in providing domestic flights in Australia. It is currently owned by a prominent aviation group. The company operates from its headquarters located in Newcastle, New South Wales. With a focus on regional travel, Aeropelican Air Services serves various destinations within the country, offering convenient and reliable air transportation for passengers.

Meaning and history

Aeropelican Air Services Logo

Aeropelican Air Services is an Australian airline founded by Glenn Curry in 1971. It initially operated as a charter airline before expanding its services to include scheduled flights. Over the years, Aeropelican Air Services has achieved significant milestones, becoming one of the leading regional airlines in Australia.

The airline has been recognized for its commitment to safety and customer service, consistently maintaining high standards in both areas. It has a strong track record of providing reliable and efficient air transportation to regional destinations within Australia.

In recent years, Aeropelican Air Services has continued to strengthen its position in the aviation industry. The airline has invested in fleet modernization, acquiring new aircraft equipped with the latest technologies to enhance passenger comfort and operational efficiency. It has also expanded its route network, connecting more regional communities and catering to the growing demand for air travel.

Today, Aeropelican Air Services stands as a reputable airline in Australia, offering convenient and affordable air travel options for both business and leisure travelers. With its commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and ongoing growth, the company remains a vital player in the regional aviation sector.

What is Aeropelican Air Services?
Aeropelican Air Services was a regional airline based in Australia. It operated scheduled passenger services primarily within the state of New South Wales. The airline provided convenient and efficient air transportation options for travelers, connecting various regional destinations within the state.

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