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Wilo is a German company, specializes in the manufacturing of water pumps for both residential and commercial building segments. The company was established in 1872 and today has its subsidiaries in almost 60 countries across the globe where 8 thousand of the company’s employees work.

Meaning and history

The company’s visual identity is progressive and minimalist. Based on the brand’s name, it looks bright, complete and intense, showing the logo can be cool without any additional graphics and decorations.

The bright turquoise inscription, placed on a white background evokes a sense of tranquility and balance, creating a friendly and positive mood, but at the same time, it reflects a reliable and professional company, which values quality and wants their customers to be happy with the brand’s products. Turquoise is also a water-related color that represents the company’s purpose and industry segment.

Logo Wilo

The earlier version of the label’s logo was also text-based and used the same turquoise color as a main, but featured a completely different style — sharp, strict and serious.


The current wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is a custom logotype, designed exclusively for the company. It features a smooth line that looks futuristic and progressive. Letters “W” and “I” are connected to each other, symbolizing the water flow.

The letter “W” of the nameplate is strong and boats classic straight lines while all the other letters are soft and their angles are rounded.

The previous version of the logo featured a wordmark in all capitals, executed in a font similar to Gordita Ultra with the letter “I” italicized in parallel with the “W”s right bar. This trick created a sense of dynamics and progressive movement, showing the company as innovative and confident.

Wilo Logo


Wilo is one of the leaders in the world’s market of pump systems. The company, which history heads back to the end of the 19th century, today has its subsidiaries, production facilities, and offices in 77 countries worldwide, in order to distribute its products and provide services to customers in every corner of the earth.

The range of the brand’s products includes pumps and pump systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply, sewage disposal and wastewater treatment used in application areas such as wastewater collection and transport, sewage treatment, drainage, and flood control, rainwater utilization, water supply, and pressure boosting. The Group also offers accessories and spare parts, as well as various services: engineering, pump planning, after-sales services, and maintenance.

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