Wheeling Nailers Logo


Wheeling Nailers LogoThe franchise bearing the name of the Wheeling Nailers came to Wheeling, West Virginia, in 1992. The history of this ice hockey team started in 1981 in Winston-Salem and they used to have the name “Thunderbirds”. In 1996 they had to change it to “Nailers” because of the trademark dispute with the franchise from Seattle that had the same name.

Meaning and history

Wheeling Nailers Logo history

The new name was inspired by the city’s nail manufacturing heritage. All the team’s logos from this era feature cut nails in the form they were manufactured in the 1800s. Another invariable element is a mask. It is usually referred to as a hockey mask, but actually it is the mask workers would wear while cutting nails. The mask is in two colors ‒ red and black, then gold and black. Behind it there are two crossed nails. The 1996 and 2003 logos have a wordmark with the team’s name.

Wheeling Nailers hockey Logo

In 2012 the Nailers dropped the red color to match the color scheme used by their parent club.

The 2015 logo is the same mask with cut nails behind it placed against the background of a circle. The outer circle is black with the words “Wheeling” on the top and “Nailers” at the bottom in white. The inner circle is white. The whole thing looks as if it has been “nailed”.