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WhatWears is an online fashion retailer, which is specialized in women’s clothing and accessories. The company serves customers across the globe, offering flexible delivery rates worldwide. E-store’s catalog includes thousands of items, so everyone can find something suitable.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform, specialized in women’s fashion items, is simple and laconic. The logotype in a monochrome palette is accompanied by a web icon, which is used on its own.

The icon depicts a pink shopping cart with a white letter “W” on it. The color palette reflects femininity and style, showing the company’s essence and purpose.

As for the main logotype, it is a black inscription in a white background. Minimalist yet strong and evokes a sense of expertise and authority. The clean simple lines of the inscription show the company as a serious and stable one and evoke a sense of reliability.

WhatWears Logo


The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Helvetica, one of the most common fonts used for the big brand’s logotypes. It’s clean and neat contours and good spacing makes the inscription look balanced and modern.


The e-commerce platform offers thousands of items for ladies across the globe. The categories of the website include dresses, tops, one-piece items, goats and jackets, along with lingerie and beachwear. It is possible to find almost anything here.

Different styles, various colors, and fabrics available at affordable prices in the e-store’s selection. Besides regular sections, the online retailer also offers to browse through its bestsellers and discounted offers. There are also constantly running special offers and deals for new and returning customers.

The company offers worldwide delivery and accepts PayPal as the main payment system, which is a very secure option.