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Dollar Days is an American supplier for nonprofit organizations, which was established in 2001. The online platform offers a wide range of products, needed for various missions. The wholesale deals make the company’s products very affordable, which is important for all the nonprofits.

Meaning and history

Dollar Days logo

The visual identity of the wholesale retailer is bright and kind. The logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem evokes a friendly and welcoming feeling, showing the essence of the e-commerce platform.

The simple shapes and clean lines of the logotype are complemented by a bright rounded emblem, replacing the letter “O”. The emblem depicts the sun, executed in yellow and orange, a combination, that evokes a sense of happiness and energy.

The color palette of the company’s visual identity is a perfect representation of the purpose and profile of the e-commerce platform — bringing the sunshine into the lives of those who are in need.

The minimalist inscription and delicate emblem of the online retailer’s logo are light and timeless, it looks friendly and welcoming, and shows the company as a professional and reliable one.


Dollar Days Logo

The white wordmark in all capitals is executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to the Avenir Family fonts. The “Dollar” part of the nameplate is written in thin elegant lines, while the “Days” uses a bolder style, making the logotype more interesting and vivid and reflecting the fundamental approach of the company.


DollarDays is a great e-commerce platform, which helps organizations and charity foundations with their missions by providing them with wholesale deals on different items. The company has already helped more than 40 thousand customers, by supplying them with more than 10 million products.

Having more than 300 warehouses across the United States, the online retailer is able to deliver orders nationwide with the guarantee of fast shipping service.

The categories of the company’s catalog include baby products and personal care, clothing and shoes, electronic items, canned food and probably the most popular section, backpacks. The e-commerce platform already supplied more than 4 million of backpacks to various organizations.

Another important category is toys and games, which are being ordered for families with kids in need.

The company knows what it does and does it with great dedication and love, making everything for a comfortable purchasing and offering the best deals to its customers.

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