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Amazon launched Wag, a pet brand celebrated for its extensive lineup of dog and cat products, such as food, toys, and accessories. This launch signaled Amazon’s strategic entry into the profitable pet supply arena. Wag, with its roots in the United States, strives to provide pet owners with high-quality essentials that are both convenient and economical.  Emphasizing convenience and quality, Wag aims to enhance the pet care experience for a diverse consumer base.

Meaning and history

Wag, a pet-focused brand, embarked on its journey under Amazon’s umbrella in 2018. It emerged as Amazon’s strategic venture into the burgeoning pet care market, tapping into the ever-growing demand for pet products. With its genesis in the United States, Wag initially gained traction by offering a range of dog food. The brand’s ethos revolves around providing pet owners with accessible, high-quality pet essentials.

Over time, Wag expanded its repertoire to include a variety of pet supplies, such as toys, accessories, and grooming products, for both dogs and cats. The launch of Wag epitomized Amazon’s commitment to diversify and capture niche markets, leveraging its colossal e-commerce platform to reach a wide array of pet owners. Wag’s journey reflects a blend of innovation, market insight, and Amazon’s prowess in e-commerce, aiming to simplify and enrich the pet care experience.

What is Wag?
Wag is a distinctive pet care brand, originally launched by Amazon in 2018, that specializes in a broad array of products for dogs and cats. The brand is synonymous with quality and convenience, offering an extensive selection of items including nutritious pet food, playful toys, and essential accessories, all aimed at enhancing the well-being and happiness of pets.

2018 – Today

Wag logo

The logo features the word “wag” in a minimalist, lowercase sans-serif font. The color is a deep navy, suggesting sophistication and reliability. Uniquely, the ‘g’ sports a playful flick at its terminal, resembling a pet’s tail, which infuses the design with a sense of whimsy and movement. This clever detail captures the spirit of the brand’s pet-friendly ethos. The overall simplicity of the design ensures easy recognition and versatility across various media.