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Mister Pet, an Italian-based pet food manufacturer, specializes in producing high-quality nutrition for cats and dogs. The company prides itself on using prime ingredients to create well-balanced and health-promoting diets that cater to the specific needs of pets. MisterPet’s primary market is Italy, but its products may also be available in other European countries.

Meaning and history

Throughout its extensive history, Mister Pet has successfully merged its rich cultural heritage rooted in the Italian Food Valley, emblematic of the Made-in-Italy ethos, with significant global expansion, now reaching over 50 countries. The brand consistently engages in technological advancements and quests for top-tier pet food options for dogs and cats.

Recent negotiations have led to agreements with numerous nations, including Russia, South Africa, and Israel, alongside a pivotal partnership with a leading Chinese and Hong Kong company, culminating in the establishment of Mister Pet China Ltd.

In a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, Mister Pet secured the Quality Awards 2021 for two of its flagship brands, Primordial Grain Free and Vivere Low Grain. These brands emerged victorious against competitors with an impressive overall score of 8.4/10 and a staggering 97% purchase intention in blind tests, devoid of brand awareness. Moreover, Primordial Grain Free was honored with the prestigious “Veterinary Approved” accolade.

Enzo Gambarelli, the founder and owner of Mister Pet, opines that the Gambarelli family’s historical and cultural identity is deeply intertwined with their home territory. This local connection has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s production chain, adhering to the family’s vision of prioritizing animal welfare through a comprehensive understanding and control of the entire supply chain, from farms to slaughterhouses, and ultimately to production sites, thereby guaranteeing superior-quality pet food that satisfies pet owners.

Mister Pet takes pride in its natural pet food offerings, exclusively featuring steamed meat, complemented by medicinal herbs, fruits, vegetables, and prebiotics. This meticulous combination ensures that pets receive the necessary vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants to maintain a balanced intestinal flora, thereby aligning with the natural dietary requirements of dogs and cats.

Mister Pet, a prominent name in the pet industry, boasts an extensive range of product offerings.  Together, these brands encapsulate Mister Pet’s commitment to quality and well-being in the realm of pet nutrition.


Meglium Logo

Meglium, with its premium blend, ensures optimal health for pets.

The logo showcases the word “MEGLIUM” inscribed in elegant, gold-trimmed letters set within a rectangular, deep black frame. Atop this rectangular label, a semi-circular arch houses the silhouette of a feline’s profile, its outline appearing in dark burgundy against a creamy backdrop. The combined use of these elements—majestic typography, the boldness of black, and the regal feline—lends the logo a refined and sophisticated aura, signifying premium quality.

Primordial Grain Free

Primordial Logo

Signature lines include the nutrient-rich Primordial Grain Free, designed for those seeking minimal grain content.

The logo displays the word “Primordial” in a distinctive and free-flowing hand-written script. The text is rendered in a rich, earthy brown hue, evoking a sense of something organic or age-old. The elegant, sweeping curves of the letters seem to dance across the canvas, suggesting artistry and finesse. Tucked snugly below the word “Primordial,” in a more subdued and compact script, reads the phrase “by Mister Pet,” which anchors the overall design and adds context, hinting at a brand catering to pets with a touch of timeless elegance.


Crockex Logo

For those who prioritize wholesome nutrition, Crockex is a go-to choice.

The logo showcases the words “Crockex Wellness” in an elegant, stylized typography. “Crockex” is displayed prominently in a luxurious gold hue with slightly raised letters, granting it a 3D effect. Directly beneath it, the word “Wellness” is written in a smaller, yet still noticeable, forest green font. The background is a pristine white, which accentuates the colors of the text. The overall design communicates a sense of sophistication and health-conscious branding. The golden and green colors used might suggest quality and natural ingredients, respectively.


Mamynat Logo

Mamynat offers a natural touch, aligning with holistic pet care.

The emblem displays the word “MAMY NAT” in bold, contemporary block letters. The typography is predominantly gray, creating a contrast against the clean white backdrop. To the right, a vibrantly illustrated ladybug rests on a fresh green leaf that diagonally slices through the word “NAT.” The ladybug, with its striking red shell dotted with black spots, adds a touch of playful vitality to the design. The combination of the natural elements, like the leaf and the ladybug, with the brand name may hint at organic or nature-focused products or services.


Vivere Logo

Similarly, Vivere Low Grain caters to pets with a penchant for reduced grain intake.

The logo prominently showcases the word “Vivere” in a striking, hand-written script. Beginning with an eye-catching, oversized letter “V”, the typography flows with elegance, merging sophistication with a personal touch. Situated directly above the middle portion of “Vivere” is the phrase “EQUILIBRIUM MEAL” in a clean, uppercase font, suggesting a professional or health-focused aspect of the brand. Tastefully finishing off the word “Vivere” is a delicately designed leaf motif, symbolizing nature, growth, or possibly organic elements, subtly reinforcing the brand’s commitment to balance and wellness.

Ricette Campagna

Ricette Campagna Logo

Ricette di Campagna is a new line of complete food suitable for dogs of all breeds that engage in intensive activities or live outdoors during the cold season.

The logo artfully presents the phrase “Ricette di Campagna” in a sleek and fluid script. The word “Ricette” dominates the upper part with its bold and elongated letters, gracefully leading the viewer’s eye to the words “di Campagna” below. The characters exhibit a mix of classic and contemporary stylings, blending the elegance of traditional calligraphy with a touch of modern flair. The slight slant and seamless flow of the typography evoke a sense of sophistication and authenticity, hinting at the rich heritage or tradition behind the brand.


MisterPet Logo

The logo features the word “MISTERPET” in a refined serif font. Above the text, there’s a silhouette of a man walking, followed by two animals: a larger dog and a smaller dog or cat. The figures are aligned horizontally, presenting an image of unity and companionship between the man and the pets. The overall design conveys a sense of elegance and companionship.