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Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a leading global brand specializing in scientifically-formulated pet food. Renowned for its Prescription Diet and Science Diet product lines, the company focuses on the nutritional needs of pets with specific health conditions. Present in numerous markets worldwide, Hill’s commitment to quality and research is evident in their veterinarian-recommended products. Owned by Colgate-Palmolive, Hill’s continues to uphold its legacy of innovation in pet health and nutrition.

Meaning and history

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has its roots in the quest for better pet health. In the 1930s, a young blind man named Morris Frank and his guide dog, Buddy, sought the expertise of Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr., a visionary veterinarian. Buddy had kidney disease, prompting Dr. Morris to develop a nutritional remedy, resulting in the first therapeutic dog food.

The innovative recipe caught attention, leading to the birth of Hill’s Pet Nutrition. By the 1940s, veterinarians nationwide were requesting Dr. Morris’s special food, which was then named “Raritan Ration B”. Realizing the broader implications of his work, Dr. Morris partnered with Burton Hill of the Hill Packing Company in Topeka, Kansas. This partnership blossomed into Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

In 1968, a milestone came with the launch of Prescription Diet, the first therapeutic pet food available only through veterinarians. This was followed by the introduction of Science Diet in 1976, designed for pets’ life stage and lifestyle needs.

The 1970s marked a major turning point when Colgate-Palmolive acquired Hill’s. Under their stewardship, the company fortified its commitment to pet nutrition research and development. The Colgate-Palmolive era saw global expansion, with Hill’s products reaching pets across continents.

Over the years, Hill’s continued to pioneer. They introduced advanced nutritional solutions addressing various pet health issues, from weight management to kidney care. Their commitment to quality and innovation has remained unwavering, making them a trusted name among veterinarians and pet owners.

Today, Hill’s legacy, stemming from Dr. Morris’s compassionate care for Buddy, continues. The company stands tall as a global leader in pet nutrition, dedicated to improving the lives of pets through science and love.


Hills Logo


Two bold, block-style letters “H” are presented side by side. The left one is in a passionate red shade, while the one on the right boasts a deep blue. These letters are stylized with sleek, white dividing lines, giving them a dimensional effect. Arching over the letters, there’s a dynamic white swoosh, creating a sense of motion. This swoosh is accentuated by red and blue tails at its ends, mirroring the colors of the letters. Beneath the graphical elements, the word “Hill’s” is written in elegant black font, grounding the design. The entire composition gives a modern and energetic feel.