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Whiskas is the name of a pet food brand, which was established in 1936 in the United States. Today the brand, founded as Kal Kan, is owned by Mars corporation, and known all over the globe, being the most famous and recognizable label of cat foods.

Meaning and history

Whiskas Logo history

The visual identity concept of the famous cat food brand has always been based on the image of the cat’s head. Just a solid contour, outlined in a contrasting color, it was always been the only element in the background of the bright and bold Whiskas logotype.

1988 – 1993

Whiskas Logo 1988

The very first logo after the brands rename from Kal Kan to Whiskas was introduced in 1988 and stayed with the label for a few years. It was a dark red solid image of the cat’s head in a three-dimensional slight silver outline. The image was placed on a black background and had an elegant white “Whiskas” inscription in a slightly narrowed serif typeface, written over it horizontally.

1993 – 2003

Whiskas Logo 1990s

The freed sign of the Whiskas logo brought a brighter and more modern insignia, which kept two main elements — the cat head emblem and the logotype but completely changed their style. The graphical part of the visual identity was now flat, executed in scarlet-red and outlined in yellow. The thick yellow outline created a good contrast with a plain white background. As for the logotype, now it was executed in the lowercase of a bold and modern sans-serif typeface, with its white letters outline in black and boasting a light gray shadow.

2003 – 2014

Whiskas Logo 2003

In 2003 the Whiskas logo was redesigned again. This time the emblem was made three-dimensional. The scarlet-see color of the image was changed to a gradient purple and the thick yellow outline — to a very thin one. The typeface of the inscription remained untouched, but the black lines, contouring each letter, became thinner l, which made the whole picture lighter and more friendly.

2014 – Today

Whiskas logo

The Whiskas visual identity was refined in 2014. Keeping the color palette and the disposition of both elements, the contours of all details were refined c and the cat head emblem was made flat again. Though it got a blurred purple line arched under it and adding some playfulness and friendliness to the logo. The lettering is still set in white, but the typeface was changed to a simpler and more confident one.