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The Purina visual identity was created in 1902 and was never redesigned, just the wordmark’s typeface refined. It is a great consistency and value of the company’s heritage.

Purina logo 1902

Meaning and history

Purina Logo

The Purina logo is composed of a place rectangle with a white wordmark on it and a square emblem on the left.

The Purina inscription in all capital letters is executed in a traditional serif typeface with straight lines and a lot of space between them. The simplicity and modesty of the font make the logo look timeless and elegant, and the monochrome palette of the nameplate adds a sense of power and authority.

Purina logo and slogan

The iconic Purina emblem is a white and red checkered square, which was designed in 1902 and was inspired by the checkerboard cloth from the brand’s founder’s childhood.

Logo Purina

The red and white of the emblem is a representation of passion and energy, with accents on loyalty and reliability.

The strict and strong Purina logo is minimalist and stylish, it looks bright and remarkable on any placement and is instantly recognizable across the globe.

What is Purina?
Purina is one of the Nestle brands, which specializes in the production of pet food. The brand was established in 2001 in the United States, and today its products are available in thousands of supermarkets all over the globe.

Font and color

Purina is a brand that cares about pets, and this feeling is brilliantly represented by the tender and elegant serif typeface of its uppercase logotype. The font looks quite traditional and sophisticated and resembles such types as Times New Roman Seven Std Roman and Math & Technical.

The color palette of the Purina logo is based on a strong and stylish red-white-black tricolor, which stands not only for power and professionalism but also for love and warmth. And this is exactly what the brand provides its customers with its products.