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Farmina is a global pet food brand specializing in high-quality nutritional products for cats and dogs. Renowned for their emphasis on natural ingredients, they blend science with nature to provide balanced, wholesome meals. With a strong presence in Europe, North America, and Asia, they’ve established themselves as a trusted choice among pet owners. The brand is family-owned, preserving its legacy of passion and dedication to animal well-being. Offering a range of products tailored to dietary needs, Farmina continues to innovate, ensuring pets receive optimal nutrition.

Meaning and history

Farmina’s journey commenced in Europe, stemming from the Russo family’s passion for animal health and nutrition. Originally involved in animal health and breeding, the Russos made a pivotal move into pet food, combining their rich knowledge of dietary science with love for pets. This transition was not just business-driven; it was a response to the need for high-quality, scientifically-backed pet nutrition.

Over the decades, the company navigated numerous challenges, ranging from evolving market demands to the need for state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Despite these hurdles, Farmina’s core ethos – a blend of nature and scientific research – remained unwavering.

As the years progressed, the brand fortified its reputation, primarily for its natural ingredients and the meticulous science behind its products. This commitment led to collaborations with vets and nutritionists, resulting in food lines tailored to specific dietary needs.

The global expansion began with the company making inroads in European markets, subsequently moving to North America and Asia. Each market posed its unique demands, but Farmina’s adaptability ensured they were well-received everywhere.

Ownership remained within the Russo family, preserving the legacy and familial dedication that defined the brand from its inception. This consistency in leadership ensured that while production techniques evolved and product lines expanded, the brand’s heart and soul remained unchanged.

Today, Farmina stands as a testament to the Russo family’s vision: a globally recognized brand, synonymous with quality, that keeps the well-being of pets at its core. With a rich past behind it, the company looks forward to a future filled with innovation and continued dedication to animal health.


Farmina Logo

The logo prominently showcases the brand name “Farmina” in a bold, navy blue typography. Positioned on a crisp white backdrop, the name is encased within a horizontally stretched, rounded rectangle, which extends slightly at its right side. Above the brand name, within the arch of the encompassing shape, silhouettes of a sitting dog and a cat are illustrated side by side, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to both canine and feline nutrition. The phrase “Pet Foods” is inscribed beneath the animal silhouettes, indicating the company’s primary product focus. The overall design exudes a sense of reliability and care for pets.