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Pedigree is an American brand of food for dogs, which was created in 1957. Today the company is one of the most famous pet-food producers in the world and its products are distributed in all six continents. Pedigree is a part of the Mars Group.

Meaning and history

Pedigree Logo history

US logo


Pedigree Logo 1957US

The original design had pretty much the same style as the current one, except for a couple of comparatively subtle modifications. On the forefront, you could see the word “Pedigree” in white with pronounced black trim. The type was rather traditional, with serifs and the old-fashioned “g” featuring an intricate tail.

Behind the wordmark, there was a medal/seal combining various shades of blue. The background was gold.


Pedigree Logo 2007US

The emblem has grown simpler and better legible. The type is now bolder, the tail of the “g” has been replaced by a plainer version. Some of the letters are now linked. The links probably symbolize the way the pets are supported by their owners, while the owners, in their turn, can count on the support from the brand providing quality products.

Despite the bold type, the letters look lighter because the dark trim has been replaced by lighter blue. The medal has grown lighter and shinier, too, and light “rays” appeared around it.

Europe, Australia


Pedigree Logo 1957

The original logo looked pretty much like the US logotype, except for the red medal. However, it looked brighter and lighter, partly because the red of the medal was not as dark as the blue in the US logo. Also, the European version has a somewhat bolder, more prominent wordmark with better legible letters.


Pedigree Logo

The differences between the US Pedigree logo and the European one have grown even smaller. Now only the color is different, while the shape of the elements is the same.