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Wacom is a Japanese brand of company manufacturing high-quality displays and tablets for professional artists and designers. The company was founded in 1983 and launched its first tablet in 1984z

Meaning and history

Wacom logo

The Wacom logo is unique and memorable. Its iconic emblem looks like no other logotype and its modern and delicate typeface is highly recognizable in the industry.

Created for professional artists, the Wacom brand has a really impressive visual identity.

Logo Wacom

The Wacom emblem is a symbol consisting of five silver cones, connected with its peaks and each with a colored base. The emblem represents five senses and an excitement people get when working with the brand’s products.

The main colors of the logo are white for a typeface, black for a background and silver gray for an emblem with cones bases in yellow, green, blue, pink and purple. The logo looks balanced due to simplicity and monochrome of the wordmark and inspiring geometry and colors of the emblem.