VSCO is a free telephone software, programmed by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in 2012. It provides users with an opportunity to take photographs and customize them with incorporated instruments and filters, changing the skin color, fade, darkening, depth, et cetera. It also helps you create short videos and graphics interchange format animations. The revenue is made via additional payable functions. The works can also be transported to social media systems. The application is available on IOS and Android operational systems.

Meaning and history

VSCO Logo history

Visual Supply Company was registered in 2011 by Greg Lutze and Joel Flory. It was located in Oakland, California. In the following year, they would release the mobile application, whose name is the initialism of the corporate name. Earning $40 million as investments in 2014, VSCO continued further development, adding new functions and add-ons in the software. By 2018, the company had received another $90 million from investors and achieved the threshold of more than 2 million active clients.

What is VSCO?
VSCO is a free phone application, developed Visual Supply Company in 2011 for Android and IOS. It lets users create their short videos and GIF animations, as well as customize photos. To do this, the developers offer to use numerous functions, tools, and filters. The instruments can change the colors of the objects, the contrast, depth, brightness, acutance, and related features of the photo. The menu also offers payable features, helping one achieve the best experience while rendering the photo. This is one of the most successful apps in this sphere, having more than 2 million active customers.

2011 – 2015

VSCO Logo 2011

The original logotype was a wordmark depicting the uppercase ‘vs’ characters, placed to the left from a circle with the ‘co’ characters, merged into one symbol. Below, there is the brand’s full name.

2015 – today


The next logotype was a signature, composed of two rings, split in multiple sectors, and a central empty circle. This is surely supposed to remind a camera objective. Below the emblem, they drew the brand name initials.


VSCO Symbol

In the initial sign, they used a simple color code, consisted of black for the ‘vc’ and ‘Visual Supply Company’ inscriptions, white for ‘co’ symbol, and yellow-green for the circle, on which it stood.

The later icon has an even simpler color palette: it’s black and white for both the emblem and nameplate.


VSCO Emblem

For both the 2011 and 2015 versions of the nameplate, they used the same bold uppercase sans-serif typeface without any special features. In the 2015 text caption, the letters are spread wider than they were in 2011, as their quantity was lessened and the inscription itself got larger.