Vivienne Westwood Man Logo

Vivienne Westwood Man logoVivienne Westwood Man Logo PNG

While the British designer Vivienne Isabel Westwood is best known for her range of women’s clothes and accessories, she also offers a pretty successful line for men. It possesses a distinctive bold touch characteristic for Westwood’s creations.

Meaning and history

Vivienne Westwood Man logo
The Vivienne Westwood Man logo is almost a copy of that of the parent brand. Like in the primary Vivien Westwood logo, you can see the name of the designer in a refined type with elaborate curves. There is also the royal symbol above, which has been borrowed from the parent brand’s logo.

The only difference is the word “MAN” below. If features a completely different type – a plain, utilitarian sans. The glyphs are slightly broader than average.

You can also come across a different version where the word “MAN” is given in a more casual style. Here, it is a custom artwork resembling street art.