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Virgin Media Player is the name of the streaming service, created by the Virgin Media Group in 2011 under the name 3Player. Today the service works all over Ireland and has its applications available for various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Meaning and history

Virgin Media Player Logo history

Virgin Media Player is a free application, where you can find all the shows released by its mother company, Virgin Media Television. The portfolio of the series is pretty large, and this is why the online service is very popular in Ireland. The player was launched in 2011 under the name 3Player, so the first two emblems were based on the original name. However, after the rebranding of 2018, the new badge was created, and it is completely different in both style and mood.

2011 – 2017

Virgin Media Player Logo 2011

The initial 3Player logo, designed in 2011, was drawn in monochrome and based on massive and modern shapes. It was lettering with the “3play” emboldened, and “er” written in thinner lines. The whole logotype was executed in the lowercase of a custom smooth sans-serif typeface with slightly expanded shapes and classic sharp cuts of the lines. The negative space of the “A” had a white horizontally oriented triangular pointing to the right on it, as a “Play” button symbol.

2017 – 2018

Virgin Media Player Logo 2017

The logo was refined in 2017, just a few months before the major rebranding of the service. It was actually the same concept and style, but with the digit “3” rewritten and the typeface of the lettering softened — the corners of all the letters got smoothed, which made the whole insignia look friendlier. The digit got more air in it, so the whole logo was looking a bit lighter than its previous version. The “er” part, which was written in thin lines on the original version got bolder, so now the whole inscription looked balanced and stable.

2018 – Today

Virgin Media Player Logo

After the rebranding of 2018, the service got a new name, Virgin Media Player, and a completely new logo. The new badge features a bright red and white color palette, which shows the affiliation to the mother brand, Virgin. The emblem here is a softened play button, which looks a bit like a petal, with only one angle sharp, pointing to the right. The “play petal” overlaps the uppercase “P” of the logotype. Both the emblem and the inscription are set in solid red, but the emblem has a thin white eternity sign on it, with the iconic Virgin logotype set in its left “bubble”, and the lowercase sans-serif “Media” in a straight horizontal line, in the right one.

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