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Apache is one of the world’s most popular web-server software, which was developed in 1995 by Robert McCool. The program is used by almost half of all the websites across the globe and has a very strong reputation.

Meaning and history

The bright and happy Apache visual identity is instantly recognizable and evokes pleasant and friendly feelings.

Apache Emblem

The Apache logo is composed of a wordmark with a tagline and an emblem on its left. The emblem was designed in the 1990s and still stays with the brand, as it is a truly perfect representative for the famous software.

The Apache nameplate in all the capitals is written in a straight and neat sans serif typeface with distinct lines and letter cuts. The tagline, “HTTP Server Project” is executed in smaller lettering and placed under the wordmark. The inscription features two colors — burgundy for “Apache” and black for the tagline.

The Apache emblem is a colorful writing feather, placed vertically on the left of the wordmark. When it was created, at the end of the 1990s, it was located horizontally and featured fuchsia and purple colors with a yellow peak.

Apache Logo

The current feather is executed in gradient, starting from yellow on the top of the feather and finishing with purple on its bottom.

The Apache logo is a reflection of creativity and artistic approach. It shows the company, which values the comfort of its users and aims to provide the best services possible.

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