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Virgil’s is a renowned brand of naturally brewed sodas, created by Ed Crowley. Born out of a desire to offer a high-quality, all-natural alternative to mass-produced soft drinks, Virgil’s crafts its beverages with an emphasis on traditional methods and pure ingredients. It originated in the United States, distinguishing itself through a commitment to using authentic recipes and natural flavors, without artificial preservatives or additives, catering to those seeking a premium, artisanal soda experience.

Meaning and history

Virgil’s, an esteemed soda brand, began its journey in 1994 under the stewardship of Ed Crowley. Crowley, driven by a vision to create a genuinely natural, high-caliber soda, embarked on a quest to develop beverages far removed from the artificiality of mainstream offerings. His philosophy hinged on utilizing time-honored brewing methods and sourcing the finest natural ingredients globally.

The brand rapidly gained acclaim for its commitment to purity and quality, devoid of synthetic preservatives or additives. This dedication to authenticity and craftsmanship propelled Virgil’s into a niche market, appealing to those with a taste for artisanal, premium sodas. Over time, Virgil’s has become synonymous with a superior soda experience, combining traditional techniques with global flavors, and firmly establishing itself as a leader in the natural soda industry.

What is Virgil’s?
Virgil’s is a distinctive soda brand, celebrated for its commitment to natural ingredients and traditional brewing methods. It stands out in the beverage industry for offering a range of artisanal sodas, crafted without artificial additives, appealing to those who cherish authentic, high-quality drink experiences.


Virgil's logo

The logo showcases the brand name “Virgil’s” in a bold, serif font that exudes a classic and timeless feel. The typography is artistically crafted with thick, black letters outlined in a subtle golden hue, conveying a sense of premium quality. The lettering possesses a slight curvature, adding a touch of sophistication and a hint of vintage charm, reflective of the brand’s artisanal roots and commitment to tradition.